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Wednesday, 7 December 2016

How my Jewellery Stall Went

I had ticked everything off my checklist by the day of my first stall at the local centre and was more relaxed and a little more confident.

A tip I came across was to have a practise run before the day. This helped a great deal as it was a 'bring your own table' event and I had two tables of different heights which had to look right also the door opened up for us to set up our stalls an hour to the start time but you still had to carry your things from the door to the venue which was downstairs and then find out where to set up etc. That took the first 10 mins so it was very helpful that I had rehearsed the set up.
Practise run at home 2 nights before 

I had surprise visits from friends and family which was lovely as I'm sure they knew how much I needed moral support 😆. Got great reassurance and feedback from the lovely stall holders next to me.  It was a 3 hour event and at the end of it all my sales came solely from the friends and family who showed up for me but my business cards were taken by a few people who stopped by.

One week later I had my second stall at a Christmas fair in my son's primary school . A combination of it being familiar territory maybe and defintely having done it before,  I feel made a huge difference. Looking back now I would say I enjoyed it more because I made more eye contact ,  smiled and said hello , was more chatty and relaxed and that reflected in how the day went. I truly had fun and the two and half hours went by so quick. and all the sales I got were from people that had never seen me before.

I did cover the fees for the stalls in both events I suppose my items are not expensive. Items sold were mainly in the £5 range and a few over £10. 

I'll be doing more stalls in 2017 definitely.