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Sunday, 30 December 2012

Wishing all a very Happy 2013 ahead!!!

I am looking forward to a brand new year.

Haven't made any new jewellery or been active on my blog since I twisted my knee and fell at home at the end of November. Been using crutches ever since :-(.  Will be having an operation to get it fixed at some point early next year.....

But, somehow in this time of inactivity, my shop has had its first international sales and has made me so proud of my creative work especially with the feedbacks I have received....  I'm thinking it can only get better in 2013!!! :-)

Got an ebenk professional digital studio kit for Christmas, so can stop putting off building myself a light box phew!!! This hopefully would translate to better and brighter shop photographs in the new year.

Here are some useful business articles I came across recently..

See you all in the new year! 

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Shop Christmas Offer


Jewellery By Nneka is having a UK-Only free shipping Christmas Offer from now till the 20th of December 2012. Just use the coupon code NEWCUSTOMERXMASOFFER at checkout!

Thanks :-)


Monday, 12 November 2012

That very first proper sale!!!

Waking up to an email notification of sale, O what a feeling!

Still working on tips I gathered for search engine optimization and getting brighter photos (not got round to the light box business yet) but it's good to know people other than family and friends actually like what I make. Not quitting my day time job just yet though :-D.

The etsy community (teams and forums) have been very helpful in offering advice, tips and critique.

It's all good!!!

Below are some of the items I listed in my shop today:

Gemstone Earrings in Genuine Red Stripe Agate Puffy Coin Beads

Gemstone Earrings in Genuine Green Chalcopyrite Donut Shaped Beads 

Funky Drop Earrings in Silver and Purple Aluminium Textured Twisted Cable Chain 

Monday, 5 November 2012


In my quest to make a success of my etsy shop I came across pinterest which I have found a little bit addictive hmmm.(pinning and repinning) I think it's because of the visual effects. Rather than pages full of texts you are drawn to images of what people find interesting. A few similarities to twitter and facebook in that you have followers and could get followed, also have 'likes' to your pins.

Check mine out

It might not generate sales immediately but it sure does get you/your shop more exposure. Within a few hours of joining , according to my etsy shop stats, I had a shop view from pinterest , I'm thinking that is an extra traffic source if nothing else.

It's, I suppose more about expressing yourself  ;your style, likes, future projects, wish lists, etc; and sharing these with others.

Wednesday, 31 October 2012


I came across this fantastic blog detailing how to create a lightbox.

For a cohesive shop look and that fabulous all white professional background which brings out the beauty of jewellery pieces...can't wait to build one of those and update the photographs in my this space.!

Monday, 29 October 2012

Latest makes...earrings.

Fancy Jasper Earrings

Green Quartzite Earrings

Midnight Blue Goldstone Earrings

Sage Amethyst Earrings

Thursday, 25 October 2012

My first etsy treasuries

Delicious looking items in the Yum Yum!!! list.


A list inspired by sweet thoughts of my baby girl due next february My fair baby girl

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Eureka I figured something out!

Still bothered about the lack of shop theme, I came up with an idea.. To redo my shop sections!.

So rather than have everything fall under Necklaces, Bracelets, Earrings, Necklaces and Bracelet set etc. like I had it originally, why not categorise the sections by type of bead material (light bulb!!!) .

It definitely gives a feeling of entering into a shop and having helpful section signs directing you on where to find what you want.

I feel better now phew!!!. Now to move on to something else....

Sunday, 21 October 2012

It's all about the resulting jewellery...

Made these last night... probably wait a couple of days before adding to my shop..

Elastic bracelet made using blue mosaic turquoise rondelle gemstone beads

Elastic bracelet made using multi coloured agate faceted round gemstone beads

Necklace made using black agate rondelles, black agate with turquoise quartz and black agate rice beads, closing with sterling silver lobster claw clasp.

Saturday, 20 October 2012

so you think you can sell?

OK I decided (well with a little persuasion from the hubby) to stop hoarding all my creations and sell. I then thought of opening an etsy shop; did all my research, opened a Facebook fan page on the 11th of October,  My shop on the 15th of October, a twitter account on the 16th of October, then wrote my first blog on the 19th  phew!!!

But I can't help thinking if my shop actually has a know like a brand.. Since it all started with the love of ALL types of beautiful beads and the jewellery that resulted, I have ended up with a shop that's a bit all over the place I think :-$.. well when compared to other jewellery shops on etsy. 

There are jewellery made from acrylic beads, wooden beads, glass beads to most recently, gemstone beads..all in ONE seriously? I should have called it 'The One Stop Shop' :-D

I don't know if I have a target market or a brand, but all I know is I love every piece of jewellery I have made :-) and hoping people see the beauty in the designs and ponder less on the theme of the shop..:-)

Sorting out my latest order of gorgeous gemstone beads from

Friday, 19 October 2012

The beginning..

Right, I can only remember it all started in the summer of 2009.. Lived alone, was single, loved my music, had so much time on my hands.... Next thing I knew, I was buying all kinds of beads(wood, glass, acrylic , metallic) ,watching you tube tutorials and reading about how to make jewellery. Funny thing is I was never one to wear jewellery but I found myself creating beautiful, colourful jewellery which attracted praises from friends and family.

That fed the addiction even more, buying, buying, buying, just for the sake of buying. For me, it was all about the shapes, colours, textures of the beads and the thought of what I could create with them. By Christmas , I became not only a collector of beads but a collector of empty chocolate tins lol. My living room looked like a chocolate warehouse only that the tins contained BEADS!!!

I slowed down and took a break from the beading after I met my now husband in March 2010. We got married the following year,  moved myself and all my beads in with him, had my gorgeous little baby boy in September of 2011 and only in the last few weeks have started buying beads again..this time gemstone beads...I'm loving the variety and the beauty found in the gemstone family..favourite channel at the moment is Channel 655 on Sky - Jewellery Maker.

New to the blogging to follow... goodnight..