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Monday, 12 November 2012

That very first proper sale!!!

Waking up to an email notification of sale, O what a feeling!

Still working on tips I gathered for search engine optimization and getting brighter photos (not got round to the light box business yet) but it's good to know people other than family and friends actually like what I make. Not quitting my day time job just yet though :-D.

The etsy community (teams and forums) have been very helpful in offering advice, tips and critique.

It's all good!!!

Below are some of the items I listed in my shop today:

Gemstone Earrings in Genuine Red Stripe Agate Puffy Coin Beads

Gemstone Earrings in Genuine Green Chalcopyrite Donut Shaped Beads 

Funky Drop Earrings in Silver and Purple Aluminium Textured Twisted Cable Chain