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Friday, 19 October 2012

The beginning..

Right, I can only remember it all started in the summer of 2009.. Lived alone, was single, loved my music, had so much time on my hands.... Next thing I knew, I was buying all kinds of beads(wood, glass, acrylic , metallic) ,watching you tube tutorials and reading about how to make jewellery. Funny thing is I was never one to wear jewellery but I found myself creating beautiful, colourful jewellery which attracted praises from friends and family.

That fed the addiction even more, buying, buying, buying, just for the sake of buying. For me, it was all about the shapes, colours, textures of the beads and the thought of what I could create with them. By Christmas , I became not only a collector of beads but a collector of empty chocolate tins lol. My living room looked like a chocolate warehouse only that the tins contained BEADS!!!

I slowed down and took a break from the beading after I met my now husband in March 2010. We got married the following year,  moved myself and all my beads in with him, had my gorgeous little baby boy in September of 2011 and only in the last few weeks have started buying beads again..this time gemstone beads...I'm loving the variety and the beauty found in the gemstone family..favourite channel at the moment is Channel 655 on Sky - Jewellery Maker.

New to the blogging to follow... goodnight..