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Thursday, 20 October 2016

Back with a boom!!!

It's been ages since I posted anything on my blog and that also is a reflection of how much has happened on my Facebook page and even in my etsy shop.... life, baby girl (17 months old now) know how it is :-D

My shop was still running but hadn't made any new pieces of jewellery. Just the occasional sale and trip to the post office.

In the last 2 or so weeks I've got my mojo back. ..whilst standing in a crowded train on my way home from work , I caught sight of  a handbag within my eyeline and remember thinking to myself how different a plain handbag would look with an accessory going across from one end of the bag handle to the other...and within seconds my thoughts wandered off going through (what felt like) a million and one design ideas and I couldn't wait to get off the train,  drive home and get to work.

I had come across the term 'bag charms' in the past but paid not much attention to them...never owned one or actually seen one in person, didn't seem to have noticed any of my friends own one either.

The design I had in my head didn't seem to me to be a bag charm...I visualised a decorated chain going from one end to the other as if it were a 'necklace' for the bag...I thought..

The next couple of days were exciting times and felt good to get back to being creative again.  Buying new stock for the bag charms, and ordering even more new items as my ideas evolved.

Then, with my materials ready I got designing, though interrupted occasionally when I would have to go upstairs to put my littlest one back to sleep but thankfully bedtime routine is now a whole lot easier.

The original design idea I had in my mind on the train which then led to the other designs seen below. (Not been listed yet in my shop )

Red Stripe Agate Gemstone bag charm 

These were made this week.


 I've had very positive feedback on these from close family and friends and hope to get the same from everyone else now that they have been listed in my etsy shop. 😊